Tuesday, 13 July 2010


This was my friends Jeffrey, Michael and his sister Jennifer's band...Charming. We met at this Britpop night called Cafe Blue in L.A. They were going to play at this music industry festival in Las Vegas, so a bunch of us decided to go with them for support and general shenanigans. I filmed it for prosperity.
We were obsessed with Britpop and indie music and dressed as much like our favorite Britpop bands as we could. On the way to Vegas we made a list 'How to be Charming', copying the idea from one of our favorite bands Pulp. I will look for the Charming list and post it soon.
As you can see they were quite cool and glamorous but in a very British way. At the time all the girls in California and the U.S. wanted to look like Gwen Stefani from No Doubt. And I remember the boys all wearing wallet chains and wife beater tank tops and baggy shorts. Britpop was much more classy and romantic and looked really cool...It was literally 1,000 of miles away from what we thought was boring Southern California.

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  1. Well put... I think Michael will appreciate that he wasn't "brother Michael" haha

    -Jeffrey Charming